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Mother Nature's Bounty

Vermentino 2022, Honeymoon 2021, Post Flirtation Rosé NV No. 2

We selected this textural trio to celebrate our muse: Mother Nature. Explore the depth and delights of dry-farming, stoneware aging, and careful sourcing with textural natural wines from our West Sonoma County cellar.

Order by Friday, 5/5 for delivery by Mother's Day.

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Enjoy With

Spring salads, crunchy crudites, enthusiastic embraces. Sunhats, sandals, and sunscreen are all highly encouraged for these sunshine-ready summer sippers.

Drink When

You’re shaking the rocks out of your hiking boots, scrubbing off the day’s sunscreen, or cleaning the compost out from under your fingernails. These wines pair well with seasonal produce, giving thanks to the plants, and feeling the sun on your skin.

Martha's Notes

We always talk about how important dry farming is, but wow, this article by Jay Famiglietti is a goldmine. He shares an illuminating stat: " the wine industry, 95% of water use takes place in the vineyard and only 5% in the winery." 

An important consideration here is not just how much water we use, but how much energy we use to move water around (and how much water is used to create that energy). This is yet another benefit of our choice to work with dry farmed vines, as we use no energy/fossil fuels to pump water to the plants. Additionally, when considering groundwater recharge he asks: "Where are the opportunities? Where are the locations for recharge? How much can we do? Where do we do it? Are the fields in good enough shape? Do they have too many fertilizers that are just gonna end up contaminating the groundwater? These are all things that need our attention, actively.” The fertilizer question in particular sticks out to me because it's not just dry farming that we employ to ease watering woes—we also don't use synthetic (liquid-based) fertilizers that, at high concentrations, could contaminate our water. Compost breaks down slowly and doesn't have the potential to contaminate water in the same way.

When we put Mother Nature at the forefront of our decision-making, we harvest healthier fruit and cultivate sustaining vineyard ecosystems.

Step outside and be present with nature


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