2022 • Venturi Carignan 2022

Venturi Carignan 2022


100% Carignan



Vinification Notes:

Carignan kept whole-cluster (100%) and fermented in an open-top stainless steel tank. About 25% of the clusters were foot-tread to encourage the onset of fermentation, while the remaining majority of the whole-clusters were loaded on top. During early stages of fermentation, gentle body punch-downs and short pump-overs were used in order to limit extraction while maintaining freshness. After 12 days, the fermenting juice was racked and returned back to the fermenting tank (délestage) and then the tank was sealed to allow an extended, uninterrupted maceration. In total, the Carignan macerated on skins for 25 days before pressing. The wine was kept on lees in neutral oak barrique for 8 months before blending and bottling. Unfined. Unfiltered. Sediment expected.


Venturi Vineyard, Calpella, Mendocino County; dry-farmed (non-irrigated), certified organic vineyard; Pinole gravelly loam soils.

Martha's Notes

Out of all the wines I make, this is the one I reach for most. I’m a sucker for medium bodied savory reds! The 74 year-old Carignan block we work with is on a particularly stoney parcel as it lies on former Russian Riverbed. These parcel characteristics, along with a long, cool fermentation result in a Carignan much lighter bodied than most. This wine is particularly reflective of the vineyard site with its dusty tannins, and aromas of California chaparral and river stones. We make this in a fairly unique way with a month-long extended maceration on the stems and skins before pressing it. I’ve been making this wine since 2014 and as I’ve opened older bottles I’ve noticed that the fruity aromas of the wine actually build over time—contrary to what most wines do. While the wine is ready to enjoy now, I’d recommend stashing away a bottle or two to discover how the wine changes over time.

Production Notes

Production: 273 cases

At Bottling:

(June 2023): 12% alc/vol · Free SO2 5 mg/L, Total SO2 31 mg/L · Less than 1 g/L sugar (dry) · All wines are vegan