Where can I buy your wines near me?

Do you have a tasting room? Can I visit?

I’m a sommelier / have a super cool wine shop / want to serve your wines at my restaurant. Who do I talk to?

Are your wines vegan?

A lot of your wines aren’t certified organic. Why is that?

I want to work with you and learn everything there is to know about grapes!

I gave you the wrong address! How do I reroute a shipment?

I received a notice that there was a delivery attempt, but I’m out of town. What do I do?

How do I see which wines I’ve ordered?

I haven’t received tracking information yet. When is my wine coming?

Why can’t you ship to my state?

Why is it so expensive to ship wine?

I just signed up for the wine club! How do I log into my account?

Which wines are in your current wine club release?

How do I select the local pickup option for the current release?

How do I update billing or shipping information for my club membership?

How do I update my credit card info for a club shipment?

How do I select which wines are in my wine club shipment?

How do I change my membership level?

How do I place my membership on hold or cancel?

How can I purchase wine club exclusive bottles?

How much does the wine club cost?

I'm trying to sign up and it says "Phone has already been taken." What's going on?

How do I gift a wine club membership?

I lost my gift card! I never received my gift card! How do I get access to it?

Do gift cards expire?

Does my recipient receive an email after I send them a gift?

Why can’t you ship my wines to me via FedEx Ground in July?

What is Cold Chain shipping?