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Winemaker Note: Fall/Winter 2020
Field Notes • From Martha

Winemaker Note: Fall/Winter 2020

These wines are all about connection. 
While our spring wines brought us a well needed bit of distraction, our fall wines are my invitation for you to reflect, savor, connect, and indulge. 
As the vines slow down, I find the warm whispers of fall bring me a renewed sense of connection. This is a time when I can plug into my creative passions and deepen my bonds with others. 
While making wine I am aware of the beautiful and intimate fact that it will one day be woven into your day, into your body. I make it with the intention to inspire your senses. The wines of fall 2020 firmly carry this spirit—they are long aged, savory, and mysterious. I hope they pose beautiful questions and create sustained moments of connection and joy.
Sending joy,