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Fall/Winter 2021 with the Moon Lists
Field Notes • Collaboration

Fall/Winter 2021 with the Moon Lists

Each season we create an artful companion for our new wines. We work with makers across mediums to offer a little something extra to make our Community Supported Wine Club members feel extra special. 

The 2019 wines in this release are from the before time, when we gathered for dinner parties like it was no big thing. They were a weighty crop, welcomed into a season of abundant sunshine and little rain. These wines ask us to ease into every joyful corner of our lives. They offer a moment of pause in the busy harvest season and an opportunity for reflection in the colder months. 

We wanted to send these wines out into the world with just that – an opportunity to pause. That's where The Moon Lists comes in. We've long admired their ability to ask just the right questions. 

They've created an artful tool to inspire new ways of thinking with our Fall/Winter club share. Consider it a field guide to your senses, a compendium of queries or just a list of really solid date night questions. However you use it, we hope this small addition helps create sustained moments of connection and joy with your club shipment. 


Want The Moon Lists in your first club shipment? Learn more about the Community Supported Wine Club and receive limited release artwork in each of your seasonal shipments.