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July Industry Insights
Field Notes • Industry Insights

July Industry Insights

We’re back from Ferragosto! After a second year of doing a two-week summer shutdown, we can confidently say this is something we will definitely continue—it’s so refreshing to ease back into the flow of things before the madness of harvest starts. Here’s everything we read and bookmarked in our time off.

Have you read anything interesting lately? We’re always looking to nerd out over new material.


• COOL FACTOR: A lot of this article about leveraging the popularity of natural wine creating large-scale change really resonated with us.

• HISTORY BUFF: It’s no secret that we love inland Mendocino County, and especially the wonderful Venturi family, who we source a lot of fruit from. This deep dive on the family gave us warm fuzzies.

• OLD WORLD WONDERS: These varietals have become synonymous with California, but what are the origins?

• IN MEMORIAM: “A legend! RIP. The reason there are so many organic vineyards in Mendocino that we can now work with has a huge amount to do with Dolan.” –Martha.

• IRL TASTING: Book a tasting at Little Saint in Healdsburg from Thursday to Monday, 11–5 all summer long.



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