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Winemaker Note: Spring/Summer 2021
Field Notes • From Martha

Winemaker Note: Spring/Summer 2021

Heck ya!
We’re past the spring equinox and there’s more daylight than darkness everyday. That is something to be celebrated!
My only hope for you, and these goodies you’re about to uncork, is that drinking them feels like warm rays of sunlight on your skin. Most of these wines just want to be chilled down and enjoyed, without asking too much of you intellectually. The 2020 vintage was at least a magnitude more difficult than any other vintage I’ve faced (17 vintages and counting!), yet the wines that came out of 2020 are easy drinking. I recommend putting a chill on every single 2020 in this box. As for the 2019’s, I’m excited to re-release the Post Flirtation white 2019 for you: it's showing even better after a year’s age. With just a touch more body and tropical fruit now, this wine is also excellent chilled. The brooding Nero d’Avola 2019 is the wild card in the box: deep, wild, and precise—if you are looking for something to ponder, this is the wine. But you can also just enjoy it slowly during a long late meal as the sun is setting.
No rules for any of these bottles. Enjoy ‘em!