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Winemaker Note: Spring/Summer 2022
Field Notes • From Martha

Winemaker Note: Spring/Summer 2022

It’s time to take a big, deep breath. We were busy bees in 2021 and this release offers a moment to savor the fruits of what felt like a nonstop harvest. On its most challenging days, the 2021 harvest was an endless road trip between the 12 vineyard sites we sourced for this release (more on each of these in the back of this booklet). On the best days, it was an invigorating reminder of why I built my life around jumping in huge vats of bubbling grapes. We welcomed a phenomenal group of interns into our community this year, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work. Beyond harvest, this booklet is full of our stories; from Tim in the cellar, from chefs across the country, and from our corner of Sonoma County, as told through a cinematic short documentary film we produced, California Natural.

The 2021s invite you to land in this connective season. They’re fruity, open and ready to drink. I’m especially excited to share two small cuvées, the Syrah and Varietally Incorrect Zinfandel. These limited bottles are gentle reminders that patience and listening taste better than manipulation and control. As always, I make wine like I shop at the farmer’s market; crafting dishes that reflect the ingredients and the season, not some idea of what I think they should be. 

Sending lots of joy your way,