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August Industry Insights
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August Industry Insights

We’re back from Ferragosto feeling rested, relaxed, and recharged as we dive headfirst into harvest happenings. But before we get into that, we’re coming at you with another Industry Insights round up full of wine-loving women and Mother Nature’s magic. Here’s what the team has been consuming to keep up with all things wine world. 

Stumbled upon something interesting of your own lately? Send it our way! We're always looking for new ways to nerd out.

• We’re toasting to our very own Imane Hanine for this incredible (and well deserved) feature.

• Speaking of women in wine (and beer and spirits), Girlboss spoke to 60 badass ladies, Martha included, about the future of the alcohol industry.

• Devoured this Kathline Chery interview as if it were a glass of her juicy Vermont deliciousness. That’s a wine club we’re joining ASAP.

• Could this deal be the aggressive climate action we so desperately need? 🌎✊

• No till, cover crops, carbon dioxide, and looking for answers in the dirt beneath our Blundstones.

• Your perfect park picnic companion is almost sold out, do with that information what you will! 👀

• JFF: Enamored with this embroidered work to complete the table.



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