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January Industry Insights
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January Industry Insights

Hello again! We’ve just returned from a team retreat in Point Reyes, CA, where we got to cook, scheme, dream, and drink together—what a treat that was! We’re feeling rested and recharged and back with a January Industry Insights share, just as the month comes to a close.


• We’re blown away by this story of one of California wine country’s earliest pioneers, Kanaye Nagasawa.

• Winery incubators? This new business model is so important for accessibility and so cool.

• A NatGeo shoutout for our beloved Suisun Valley? We can’t believe it! There’s even a cameo from Roger King, where we source Out to the Meadow.

• Will Scandinavia be leading the way toward a more sustainable future for the drinks industry?

• Can you think of a more pleasant discovery in a bin of grapes than this? We can’t! 

• We’re feeling the looove this Valentine’s Day, gifting our sweethearts one of these.



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