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June Industry Insights
Field Notes • Industry Insights

June Industry Insights

We’re back with another Industry Insights round up. Here’s what the team has been consuming to keep up with all things wine world.

Stumbled upon something interesting of your own lately? Send it our way! We're always looking for new ways to nerd out.

• We’d be remiss not to mention the passing of two iconic California wine legends—Esther Mobley penned a beautiful tribute to Sean Thackrey in the SF Chronicle.

• Martha on the passing of Jonathan Waters: “He was one of the first people that welcomed me into the wine community when I lived in the East Bay (hopped right on into my text messages! And always welcomed a BBQ at our shared Berkeley house). He had an incredibly kind heart. [And he] certainly had an effortless warmth that he shared with everyone—he was the opposite of a gatekeeper in the wine world."

• ICYMI: Wine corks make a great natural fruit fly repellent. ⛔️🪰

• “I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast I listened to last week [...] Patrick [Cambell’s] journey is inspiring not just from his expertise as a grower-producer/vigneron. He is also one of the champions for the Supreme Court verdict that enabled direct shipping to out-of-state consumers [...] Even more inspiring, he was diagnosed with a severe illness leaving him partially paralyzed with limited mobility and found a way to work his vineyards.” —Imane, Distribution Sales Manager

• According to this article, the next sound you may hear when out in the vineyard is not vines rustling or birds chirping, but sheep baaing. 🐑

• Is Rosa one of the best things you drank in May? According to Gear Patrol: Yes.

• JFF: Thinking about these childhood favorites, reimagined.



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