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March Industry Insights
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March Industry Insights

Spring wines are here! March is always an exciting time to put out into the world what we’ve been working on so tirelessly since the start of harvest. As release launch codes finalize the dialing, we’re tapping back into the reading lists that’ve piled up on our team Slack channels.


• Could a carbon neutral wine bottle be closer to reality than we ever imagined?

• What is a bottle of wine’s carbon footprint, anyway?  

• Italian grapes that thrive in California is kind of our thing…honored to be alongside these amazing winemakers who feel the same way. 

• Speaking of Italian grapes, how cool is it that Nero d’Avola makes up just 0.0047% of all grapes crushed in California? Negroamaro even less so! Only 51 tons of Negroamaro were crushed (of total 3.6mill) in California.

• Speaking of Nero d’Avola, you can taste our Nero d’Avola Rosato in the spring/summer 2023 release.

• Would you believe us if we told you that Los Angeles was once the epicenter of California winemaking?



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