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Martha Stoumen peers into a barrel in a wine cellar
Field Notes • Industry Insights

May Industry Insights

Hello, friends!

Welcome back to Industry Insights, where we share a bit about what the team has been reading to stay informed on all things wine world. 🤓 


•  Bet you didn't know this was possible.

• Why piquette is the low ABV sipper you *need* this summer.

•  Now that you're a piquette expert, read up on why we made our own

• What’s the wine world equivalent of a celeb? 👀  Most would say it’s Marco Simonit—a celebrity of sorts in the pruning world.

• It’s* written in the stars! 🌌  (*it=what wine you should drink based on your zodiac sign)

• Martha’s making the Mediterranean happen here in California

• What does it take for a winery to become certified climate neutral? This gives some insight. 

• File under: What's inspiring Martha these days. 💭



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