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A New York Warehouse Dinner at Natoora
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A New York Warehouse Dinner at Natoora

In Natoora's last warehouse dinner of the year, Kreung Cambodia took over the Brooklyn warehouse for a dinner paired with Diaspora Co. spices, Martha Stoumen wines, and Amass Botanics cocktails.

Natoora x Kreung Cambodia x Diaspora Co Dinner, featuring wines by Martha Stoumen

The dinner pulled on Cha’s unique and seasonal approach to Cambodian cuisine, and included a mix of small plates with peak season ingredients like pickled Kohlrabi and 24-Hour Fish with Hawaiian Ginger and Pineapple Guava.

Natoora x Kreung Cambodia Warehouse dinner, featuring Diaspora Co., Martha Stoumen, and Amass Botanics.
Natoora x Kreung Cambodia Warehouse Dinner, featuring Martha Stoumen Wines

The dinner was paired with Solo Act, Benchlands, and Post Flirtation Red—all lovers of spice and flavor. 

Martha Stoumen Wines at the Natoora Warehouse Dinner with Kreung Cambodia and Diaspora Co.
Natoora x Kreung Cambodia dinner menu

All images captured by Giada Paolini for Natoora.