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Another Shore 2018


46% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Merlot, 16% Petite Sirah




Cabernet Sauvignon from a mystery vineyard in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma County.

Merlot from King Vineyard, Suisun Valley; planted in 1989 on St George rootstock; grown with compost teas and without pesticides and herbicides, clay soils.

Petite Sirah from Benson Ranch, Mendocino County; 15-year-old vines; dry farmed (no irrigation); farmed by us using only organic products; no use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers; gravelly loam soils.

Tasting Notes:

Wet stone, mountain mint, and fir tips are balanced by cherry and a long, silky, delicate body. This Cab blend is luxurious but not opulent. Another Shore weaves the blue flavors of cool climate coastal Cab with the signature silkiness of Cab grown on the soils of northern California's valley floors.

Martha's Notes

I’m walking through a calm forest, filled with the periwinkle light of dusk, and I see fairies weaving garlands of fir tips, cherries, eucalyptus and magic. Some sit on granite slabs as they weave, others gently flit midair, softly singing. I haven’t made Cabernet Sauvignon since 2008, my second vintage working as a harvest intern in California, but when a friend invited me to walk this special cool climate Cabernet vineyard with her, I was moved to ask her for a ton of fruit to work with under the Martha Stoumen Wines name. California tries to tame the beautiful green notes that make Cabernet Sauvignon herself, but I see no need to erase this character. Blended classically with Merlot, and unclassically with a bit of Petite Sirah, this wine brings me away from my normal winemaking sphere of Italian-leaning flavors, warm color palettes, dry dusty tannins, and wines reminiscent of spring, summer and fall, to a wine that evokes winter, cool colors, and has wet tannins and flavors of some northern place. This wine brings me to another shore.

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