2018 • Benson Ranch Petite Sirah 2018

Benson Ranch Petite Sirah 2018


100% Petite Sirah




From our very own Benson Ranch Vineyard in Ukiah, Mendocino County; 14 year old dry farmed (no irrigation) vines; farmed according to organic principles without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fungicides. 

Tasting Notes:

This wine has more tannic structure than a usual Martha Stoumen wine. A great wine to enjoy now with a special meal or to keep in your library for years to come. Blueberry, ethiopian coffee, raspberry dark chocolate, winter berries, and clove all come together for a beautiful aroma. Mole and blueberry flavors introduce the wine to the palate followed by a velvety texture, bright acidity, and firm tannins.

Martha's Notes

Petite Sirah is a grape with wild flavors. Originally bread in France in 1880 where it referred to as Durif, Petite Sirah is a cross between Syrah and the rare Peloursin grape. It was imported into the US in the mid 1880’s, so has been a part of our viticultural history almost as long as it has existed in France. Most of the world’s relatively small amount of Petite Sirah is now grown in CA, and many here have taken up its banner. It has intense fruit characteristics and tannin, and some of the highest levels of anthocyanins of any grape (an antioxidant that corresponds to color), so be prepared for a beautiful depth of purple. I suggest breaking out a decanter you if you decide to enjoy it young. To add to Petite Sirah’s concentration, we grow this at the top of the hillside at Benson Ranch and we dry farm it (no irrigation). In the cellar we rein it back in by doing a partial carbonic fermentation assisted by very short pumpovers, and press off the skins ~⅓ of the way into fermentation. We then age in neutral oak on lees for 1 year prior to bottling. Benson Ranch is a site that gives plenty of acidity, and this, combined with the grape’s natural tannin, allow us to add a minute amount of SO2 only prior to bottling.

Production Notes

Production: 142 cases

At Bottling:

At bottling (July 2019): free SO2 3 mg/L, total SO2 was 11 mg/L. Vegan.