Sold Out: Collaboration 2019

Sold Out: Collaboration 2019

100% Valdiguié · Mendocino County · 45 Cases

This lively pétillant wine tastes like tart cherry juice and pomegranate. Aromas of holiday baking spice, thyme and tarragon mingle with a whisper of tannin for a balanced fizz.

750mL, 11% ABV

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Enjoy With

Your most cherished collaborators, co-conspirators and contact improv partners. Pick up anything with a little extra umph - cured pork, charcuterie, thick cut potato chips, or tacos from the truck near your favorite park.

Drink When

You’re playing chess in the hot tub, putting together furniture or unleashing some creative energy. Excellent for a rambling hike (no wine key needed) and playing Twister.

Martha's Notes

Collaborating is a way to take a stab at those complicated projects you’ve had on your mind, but just needed a parter in crime to actually bite them off. Joel Burt at Las Jaras is also a highly technical winemaker and the whole Las Jaras team is just fun to work with. After sharing a Carignan source in 2018, we were both excited to pick up a small amount of Valdiguié from Ricetti Vineyard. The 70-year-old vines don’t throw a large crop, so we decided to throw our hats in the ring together. Joel suggested sparkling, and I love a natural Lambrusco, so we quickly decided on a partial carbonic red pétillant. This was a golden opportunity to make something we would both enjoy making and drinking, and something that would challenge our skills. This second vintage, in 2019, was a way to sharpen the complicated techniques and timing we explored in 2018. 2019 is slightly more fruity than the 2018 as a result of these efforts (I love them both :-) It’s also nice to know that collaborators have your back: a huge shoutout to Joel and to my Assistant Winemaker, Tim, who brought this project to completion while I was giving birth!







100% Valdiguié


Valdiguié from Ricetti Vineyard in Redwood Valley; 70 year old vines; dry farmed (no irrigation); certified organic.

Serving Temp:

Straight out of the fridge, your trusty campsite Igloo cooler, or ice bucket! If the bottle lasts more than 5 minutes, keep it cool.

At Bottling:

5 mg/L free, 14 mg/L total. Residual sugar: 0.2 g/L. Sediment expected. All wines are vegan.


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